Url (link) Validation

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What is Valid Url(link)?

Valid Url(link) : Url that leads you to a specific destination.

First, we must know where and how do we use URLs (links)

  • While browsing a website or webpage.
  • While submitting a form in action and the input field as our social profile link.
  • While using a third party application.
  • While giving a referral link.
  • While creating a link between web pages.
  • Help to keep your website rank high during a search.

A Url (link) is not only the way to connect to the web page but it also connects you with your customer or client. In order to boost your business, it's necessary that you will take care of invalid URLs(link).

Invalid Url(link) : Url that takes you nowhere except error and bad experience.

Time to find out what you will lose because of invalid URLs(links).

  • Lose some of the existing customer base (current users sooner or later will get frustrated enough to never come back)
  • Get problems with getting new customers (because of the dead weblinks people simply won't be finding things/pages they are looking for).
  • Damage your reputation online (most of online customers consider stale hyperlinks as demonstration of no respect to them from the site's owners)
  • Have negative impact on your website's ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

Dead hyperlinks on websites are not just annoying – their existence may cause some real damage to your online business as well as to your reputation in the Internet!

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