Integrating Ticket Management in Website

Embeding Weblegit Iframe into your website

The simplest way to integrate the ticket management system in your website is to embed the iframe from Weblegit. This would allow users to stay on your website and create/manage tickets by their own. In order to do that we first need to get the URL link that can be embedded. This integration method requires that users can log into your site and you can make server side calls.

Generate URL link for your logged in user

Integerate using Web Plugin

This method is most suited for the websites where user is not logged in but we still want to add the functionality to allow users to create tickets by themselves.

To begin we first need to go to Website integration to generate a plugin for us (if we have not done so already). This would require us to add our domain name (Website) where we would be using the form.

Integerate using Forms

This method of integration is recommended for static sites. We make use of the form manager from Weblegit. We need to create a custom form using form integration which allows the user to submit their information. Under the advanced settings on the form select the check box to Create ticket for every form submission . Select the category under which we want to create the ticket. The form submission information is available in the ticket itself.

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