Help Desk (Customer Relationship Management)

Last Updated: 10 April 2019

Big business comes with the big numbers of customer's and a happy customer leads to a more number of customer's. For that, you need to help sales, marketing, and support teams better communicate with customers.

And to connect all of them you need a best and easy way. Before that, you must understand that this system consists of three parts :

Valid Customer
Custom Request Options.
Automated Ticketing System
1. Valid Customer.
Email, Phone, Url, Domain validation

A valid customer comes with the valid contact information make sure they are correct. To know why we need this Click here

2. Custom request options.
Custom help desk forms

To make it easy for the customer you need a custom contact or complaint form as per customer category. And dashboard where you can analyze all the requests made by customer.Click here to know more in detail.

3. Automated Ticketing System.
Ticket Management System

To make above to work properly you need a ticketing system where you can assign the ticket to concern person or department to make it hassle-free for the customer. Not only this you can manage your firm internal system and keep track of the progress through this. Click here to know more in detail.

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