Ticket Management

What is Ticket Management?

Ticket Management is a simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving tasks . To know it further, we must know why do we need this and there are lots of things for which we need this tool.

  • To breakdown a bigger task into multiple smaller one.
  • To assign those task to concern person.
  • To track the progress of the tasks.
  • To focus on the real challenge.
  • To keep the communication among the team.

Advantage of Ticket Manager:

  • Everything you need lives in a single, dynamic help desk interface so it’s easy to be productive and manage tasks.
  • It makes communication seamless, personal, and efficient–which means more productive output.
  • Integrated all channels and that gave us the flexibility to implement in the way that we needed.
  • Designed to be flexible. It works right out of the box, or it can be configured with your system.
  • Analytics on how you’re doing through performance reports and dashboards.
  • Label tickets (High, Medium, and Low) and take immediate action based on the priority.

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