Wordpress integration with Weblegit Email Validation service

In this section we are going to see how can we integrate email validation service with our wordpress site. For the purpose of this tutorial we are using a contact us form created in wordpress site using contact form 7 plugin. Email address is one of the input fields. The goal is to help users to correct their email address if they typed it wrong by mistake and at the same time stop spam users from entering invalid emails. To begin with we have a simple page which looks like this

The first thing we are going to do is to add a plugin to allow us to add scripts to our site. We have chosen Head and Footer Scripts Inserter here, feel free to choose anyone you like or skip if you already have one

One we have installed the plugin we are going to add our weblegit plugin script to the footer section. Before we do that we need to get the plugin URL. You can get that by creating an account on Weblegit and selecting the email validation service.

Next copy the full url for the plugin library from the email service page. The service page should look something like this below

Once we have the plugin URL we add it to the footer section in the "head and footer Scripts Inserter" plugin. We also add the JQuery library to the scripts. Our plugin looks something like below after adding the scripts

That's it, and we are ready for business. Now if we try our contact us form with an syntactically valid email address but which does not exists then we get the validation error like this

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