WebLegit ROI Equation.

What’s the return on investment of using Weblegit to validate emails as they come into your system? While the answer depends on your situation, the figure can easily reach eye-popping levels of nearly 10,000%.

That’s a bold claim, but we’re going to show our work. Let’s make some reasonable assumptions and then run the numbers.

Assumption 1: 20% Of The Emails Coming Into Your System Are Invalid

Looking at the data across different clients, we see that between 20 and 30 percent of emails addresses submitted via a web & mobile signup form are initially invalid.

Assumption 2: The Lifetime Value of An Email Address is $10

Arthur Middleton Hughes, vice president of The Database Marketing Institute, has written that “email names, with permission, are worth at least $10 each to any company.”

Let's Calculate ROI :

For 1,000 email 200(20%) are invalid email addresses

Lifetime missed value : 200 X $10(ltv) = $2000

When WebLegit checks those & cost you.

1,000 x $0.002 per email = $2 Total Cost.

Now that all emails are valid, the user gets to keep the additional $2,000 of lifetime value that was originally missed.

The Net Gain = $2,000 gross gain  - $2 cost = $1,978

TROI = $1,978 Net gain / $2 Cost = 9,900 % ROI

Calculate Your Own ROI

The total number of email you capture in your system.

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