Simple integration of Email Validation service on HTML page

In this section we are going to see how can we integrate email validation service with our simple contact us page.

Here we have a simple form for contact us with email address as one of the input fields. The goal is to help users to correct their email address if they typed it wrong by mistake and at the same time stop spam users from entering invalid emails. To begin with we have a simple page which looks like this

Responsive image

The code behind the page is simple as well, with of course a little bit of styling. Observe

Responsive image

To start with we create an account Weblegit , and subscribe to the email validation service. For the testing purpose we can use Free trial. Remember to make sure that the domain address that you put in for creating the account is the one where you want to use the service otherwise it would not work.

Next copy the full url for the plugin library from the email service page. The service page should look something like this below

If your page already has JQuery library added then you do not need to add it otherwise we need to add JQuery library in out HTML code. Since we already had JQuery we are only going to add the plugin Js

Our code is going to look like this after the change

Responsive image

That's it, and we are ready for business.

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