About Us.

Why one more service ?

A lot of services do exist already, however the pricing mechanism is geared towards high volume users and the existing real time email validation API’s have high latencies. Also the integration with the existing services require non-trivial amount of engineering efforts.

Why Us ?

We are using our service in our other products as well. We know how important is the quality of email verification. We understand the pain points of integration which is why we have made it as simple as copy-pasting one line.

Still not convinced ?

We are committed to make it as friendly as possible. We provide free technical support to help you integrate the email validation solution to your product.

Team ?

We are a small team of engineers based in USA and India who are passionate about solving small problems in efficient way.

How long would the company stay ?

We realize that it is important to use a service which is stable and does not goes away. We have designed and architected our platform in such a way that our operating costs are minimal. This means even in the worst case scenario we can continue to operate for years.

About the service


With our cloud first technology we have high availability of 99.99%


Our validation results are 100% accurate for the major email providers such as gmail, yahoo, outlook, proton, and others.


Our API’s are designed to perform at scale with high throughput. Almost all our validations are under ~200 ms.

How Can We Help?