Email Validation API

In this section we are going to see how can we use the email validation API to validate email addresses

If you want to use the API directly instead of using the weblegit plugin, you can do that too. To invoke the API we would need to get the API key first. We can get this from account detail page once you register and create an account with Weblegit. We have to subscribe for the Email validation service in order to use the email validation end point. Once you are on account details page you can find the API key right on the top

It is recommended to store and use the API key from server side only for security purposes. In order to invoke the API we would need the following information

For this tutorial we are going to invoke the email validation API using a tool called POSTMAN. We can try either the standalone version of it or the chrome plugin. Our invocation result looks like below

Interpreting the fields in the response

The API call will return JSON object with the following 4 fields.

status: Returns 1 if request was successful otherwise -1. Check the message field for detailed error.
message: Returns the error message if there was any error otherwise empty
email: Email addressed being verified
score: Validation score, 0 - Invalid email, (2-4) Higher Probability of being valid depending on score, 5 Perfectly valid email

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