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A Misspelled Email is a Missed Customer.

Invalid email address.
Valid email address.
  • One Wrong keystroke and "" becomes "".

  • Don't lose users anymore because our service tells the user instantly that the email they entered is invalid.

Why to choose us ? Whats so special about Weblegit ?

Value Of Real Email Address.

Real Email Make Real Customer

  • The value of an email across all industries is at least $10.
  • The average cost to acquire an email from online marketing is $60.
  • Every potential customer starts with an email.

Isn't it worth half a penny to make sure it's a real one?

Demo - Try out the Email Validation

We respect that email information is private, so no validated email addresses are ever stored by our service.


Format Validation

Validate Email Syntax

Domain (Mail Server) Validation

Verify MX records for the domain

Email Send Verification

Establish SMTP connection to verify email

Plans & Pricing

Try it for free with developer plan, risk free, with no credit card required



/ month
100 Emails

$ 10.00

/ month
2000 Emails

$ 25.00

/ month
6250 Emails

$ 100.00

/ month
28570 Emails


$ 1000.00

/ month
333333 Emails
$0.003/ Email

For more customized plans please reach out to us at :

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