A misspelled email is a missed customer and a Fake email is a real problem.

Invalid email address.
Valid email address.
People accidentally make typo mistakes all the time. One wrong keystroke and "alex@gmail.com" becomes "alex@gmaik.com". That's a lost potential user right there. There's no need to lose any users with WebLegit because our service tells the user instantly that the email they entered is invalid. Now, the user can fix the typo and learn more while spammers are forced to go elsewhere.

How email validation work after submitting form.

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We respect that email information is private so no validated email addressed are ever stored by our service.


Format Validation

Make sure the emails look right

Domain (Mail Server) Validation

Verify that the domain is allowed to send emails

Email Sent Verification

Find out if your email was received today

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$ 5.00

/ month
300 Emails

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/ month
2000 Emails

$ 100.00

/ month
10000 Emails

$ On Usage

$0.011 per Email

For more more customized plans please contact us at : contact@weblegit.com

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