Partnership Terms.

Last Updated: 2 April 2018

WebLegit EmailValidator is an online service built, hosted and offered by WebLegit Inc.

World Wide Partner Network

At WebLegit, we take pride in our partner-centric culture. We focus on a strong alliance with proven success to help exceed your customer specific needs.

Become a Partner

Becoming a WebLegit partner is simple, easy to join and provides great benefits.

Once you become a partner, we enable, we enable you with everything you need to market WebLegit Email Validation service. Just register and contact us at with your email address.

The Benefits of becoming a Partner

It will be beneficial for both partners as well as the clients. And you will start generating income from the very first email validation done by your referral.

Suppose a client validates 1 Million emails in a month, so his total spending with the rate($0.002/email) would be $2000.

Now your referral gives you 5% of the amount spent which means that you will get $100 for their 1 Million validations.

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