A Misspelled Email is a Missed Customer.

Invalid email address.
Valid email address.
  • One Wrong keystroke and "weblegit@gmail.com" becomes "weblegut@gmail.com".

  • Don't lose users anymore because our service tells the user instantly that the email they entered is invalid.

Stuff that makes us stand out

100% Accuracy

We Provide 100% accuracy score with most of the mail servers like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.


You Can Be The Code Ninja

You do not need to be a developer to start validating emails on your html pages, just copy one line to get started. Learn more


Simple and Affordable Price

You do not have to validate million emails to get the best price. We offer simple and affordable pricing. $0.0025 per email for plugin/real time and $.002 per email for bulk validation


Referral bonus

For every referral you will earn 5% of your referral spend. Make money and help your friends at the same time. Learn more


Fastest Bulk Validation

We know that time is equal to money and we save that time by validating 100,000 emails in upto 10 Min. & 1 Million in 30 Min.



A great deal not only come with ROI, it also gives business to his customer. Become a partner and start making the difference. Learn more


Value Of Real Email Address.

Real Email Make Real Customer

  • The value of an email across all industries is at least $10.
  • The average cost to acquire an email from online marketing is $60.
  • Every potential customer starts with an email.

Isn't it worth quarter of a penny to make sure it's a real one? Calculate your ROI


Format Validation

Validate Email Syntax

Domain (Mail Server) Validation

Verify MX records for the domain

Email Send Verification

Establish SMTP connection to verify email

Email Validation API

Our Email Validator API that hooks in and allows you to verify email addresses instantly.

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