Frequently Asked Questions.

You can use it through three ways:
1. Simple Integration with plugin.More details.
2. API Integration.More details.
3. Bulk email validation through csv or excel files.
We use state of the art technology to scale and make use of cloud for reliability and availability. Our up time is 99.99%.
We charge only $0.002 per email or you can choose from the packages as per your requirement More details..
Yes, we have you can check the API Integration details here.
You will be charged for all email verification requests sent through our API, including emails you have previously verified. It is against our privacy policy to store your data therefore each verification request is processed independently.
Nope! WebLegit Email Verification is a pay-as-you-go service. Simply sign up and pay for the transactions you use.
We identify the email and show you the primary spam traps as there is no service available that can do this with 100% confidence.
To properly prepare your file please open it in Excel, make sure all email addresses are in the same column, click Save As and select Format > Comma Separated Values, and save your file.
You can upload as many as you want
For the best delivery results you should mail to Valid emails only. This is especially true if you are using self-service email service providers like MailChimp and Sendgrid.